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The PADandCLICK accessory enhances a typical mouse by providing :
  •   a softer surface to click on
  •   an angled design that allows the finger to bend when clicking
  •   a more concave area for the fingers to increase the total surface of contact
  •   a PALM PAD to help curve the hand inward into a grasping mode
"I have been using Pad 'N Click and  
don't want to go back to the old way"
Jean Campbell, NH
" I have tried many special designs for ergonomic mice. PADandCLICK completely relieved
the pain and tingling and numbness I have been experiencing for years"
                                                     from one of our customers postings on Amazon
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"...may eliminate the need for a doctor appointment."  REALSIMPLE
Pad and click - improving mouse ergonomics
GEL PADS TO SOFTEN YOUR MOUSE - an ergonomic innovation
Pads are designed to make the joints of the
fingers bend
into a more natural position
rather than remaining straight when clicking.

Overall hand position is improved by
changing into a more gripping/grasping
Ergonomic mouse pads -  3 peelable adhesive gel pads
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